My Perspective: Volleyball v. USF

January 22, 2021; Jacksonville, FL, USA; UNF Outside Hitter Gabby O’Connell (3) prepares to serve. (Photo/Vincent Wong)

It’s been a minute! I know I said I would do part 2 of the Men’s Basketball Game against FAU, but I totally forgot about it. Sorry! I need to work on my writing skills so please yell at me when you don’t see enough of these.

In this review, I will be going over a few photos that I took from the UNF Volleyball Match v. USF on last Friday. The match went the full 5 sets, but the Ospreys came up just a bit short in their season opener.

For gear, I used a Sony A7iii with a combination of lenses of a 70–200 f4 and a 85mm f1.8.

Alright, now that that’s out the way, let’s dive into these photos.

144mm @ 1/100s, ISO 1600

For me, I love the anthem photos I have gotten before at different events because it’s something that not everyone shoots. With so much trauma that has occurred in recent memory, a lot of teams have chose to kneel during the anthem. Of the shots that I did take, this one was my favorite. Focus wise I could have definitely went with a wider range so everyone in the photo is in focus, but I still love how the second girl standing is focused on her. With the pandemic, getting facial emotion is a bit more challenging, so I always look at the eyes to tell the story. Here everyone is looking at the flag as the anthem plays.

200mm @ 1/800s, f4.0, ISO 2000

I will admit that I did crop this photo quite a but to get this look, but I like how it turned out. With volleyball, you almost have to go against conventional wisdom of sitting on your side of the court because you have to go the opposite in order to get the faces of your players. Something I’ve been working on is finding new lines of vision to help draw the viewer into where I want them to look. With the UNF player preparing the serve, the USF players got ready and gave me a small window to help focus on the server. I really like the look because the window is just big enough to have the UNF player show herself entirely. Getting the bouncing pre-serve isn’t bad, but the serve is a whole different story!

200mm @ 1/800s, f4.0, ISO 2000

Action shots are great, but you have to keep in mind the photo sets you want to do in order to tell the story! The great thing about volleyball is that the girls celebrate every point they win. Even if they don’t win a point, they will huddle together and compose themselves to the next one. In a sport that’s super back and forth, when a team can string together points and go on a run, the energy builds exponentially. You can see the excitement from Gabby as she’s ready to celebrate with her teammates!

85mm @ 1/1600s, f1.8, ISO 2000

This photo was taken right after UNF took the fourth set, taking the match to a winner-take-all fifth set! Even with a mask on, you can’t hide the excitement and energy the team had as a whole. Kailey was dancing around and I just like the joy you can get out of the photo.

If you made it this far, cheers to you! Hopefully you found this a bit helpful or interesting. It’s always easy to go for the super blown out background and basic photo (like the cover), and although they make great instagram posts, I find it more rewarding when you can tell a story from a frozen moment.

Once again, thanks for stopping by!

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