My Perspective: Volleyball: UNF v. Stetson

Wong Shots // vincent
3 min readMar 31, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of My Perspective!

In this review, I will be going over a few photos that I took from the ASUN Volleyball Tournament Quarterfinals featuring UNF v. Stetson. UNF came out victorious with a clean 3–0 sweet, advancing to the semifinals.

For gear, I used the Nikon D3s paired with a 70–200mm f/2.8.

Be sure to check out the full gallery playback here!

Alright, now that that’s out the way, let’s dive into these photos.

Nikon D3s + 112mm @ 1/500, f3.2, ISO 1250

Whenever I’m in the arena, I always love getting the floor in the photo. I got this photo during team intros and like many times, I shot this blind! Just point and shoot and hope for the best! I really liked the faces and smiles you see on the players faces and the excitement of playing in the conference tournament. I think that the blur on the floor helps bring your eye to the players in frame and something that I like.

Nikon D3s + 185mm @ 1/500, f3.2, ISO 1250

Breaking away from something else besides action, while this isn’t my favorite photo in the world I think it does still have some merit. This one was taken between the handrail from the stands and just a really simple one with the team ready to break.

Nikon D3s + 70mm @ 1/500, f3.2, ISO 1250

So much of the photography I do with sports is always super tight, all about action, and more or less portraits. For this photo I went up into the stands and shot at 70mm, the widest the lens can go. I love this photo because it’s like a photo I would normally take; it’s of action and more or less of a single athlete in the frame. I love the negative space in the photo and the rest of the court in frame.

Nikon D3s + 200mm @ 1/500, f3.2, ISO 1250

This photo was taken shortly after the Ospreys won and I think that despite his arm cutting off his face and the mask in the way, you can see the excitement in the photo. The thumbs up is everything that you need to see!

If you’ve made it this far, shoutouts to you! I hope you got something out of this and I look forward to doing this more often.

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